Fire Alarm Department

Total Integration’s Fire Alarm Division will assist you with all fire system matters. With our collective experience and relationships with industry partners, there is no obstacle we can’t help our clients overcome.

NOTIFIER by Honeywell

One of the most prominent life safety systems worldwide, NOTIFIER is what Total Integration has proudly represented for over fifteen years. With a wide-ranging product line, any application is possible. Whether it be a fibre-optic network serving an entire campus of facility on the back of the trademarked NOTI-FIRE-NET, or a conventional panel to monitor a daycare – NOTIFIER has you protected.

As an Engineered Systems Distributor (ESD) of NOTIFIER fire systems. Total Integration provides the best in fire alarm and emergency communication systems, in addition to extra levels of technical support from the manufacturer, and a commitment to continual education

CLSS – Connected Life Safety Systems

The Honeywell CLSS platform harnesses the power of hardware and software to transform the way systems are designed, installed, monitored, and maintained.

Whether you are looking to streamline commissioning, increase service productivity, or access reporting anytime, from anywhere, look to Honeywell CLSS.


CLSS Horizon

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Fire System Monitoring / Situational Awareness
  • Graphic visualization allows users to quickly identify and respond to events

Site Manager

  • Track inspection progress in real time from office
  • Eliminate unnecessary site visits and avoid delays
  • Increase first time fix rates
  • Create service orders directly in the app

Direct Panel Connectivity

  • Panel control while onsite from a mobile device
  • Accurate device count throughout an entire facility

Mobile Connectivity

  • 1 Man Commissioning is now possible
  • Visibility of system anytime, anywhere

Automatic Report Generation

  • Accurate and immediate report generation
  • Supports complex reports like The Joint Commission

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NOTIFIER INSPIRE: Efficient. Scalable. Connected

The next generation of NOTIFIER life safety systems is here. Our modular and expandable fire panel series, NOTIFIER INSPIRE™, and our game-changing NOTIFIER Self-Test Series of detectors are taking fire and life safety to the next level.

Empowered by Honeywell’s Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) software, the NOTIFIER INSPIRE™ systems and Self-Test detectors deliver a cohesive, end to end integrated solution that minimizes disruptions, maximizes what you can do remotely, and delivers guaranteed compliance – helping make your customers’ buildings safer and more protected.

Gone are the days of constant equipment changes, manually transcribed building reports, and week-long tests and inspections. This new suite of solutions will save you and your customers time and money, help you win more business, and further position NOTIFIER as the go-to for commercial life safety solutions.

Product highlights
  • Scalable networked systems – providing savings for end users in the event of building modifications and/or expansion
  • Self-Test Detectors –testing our detectors with the touch of a button, saving end-users maintenance costs

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Diamond Distributor: 2002, 2010, 2015, 2017”

Million dollar award: 2021