Security & Access Division

Total Integration has a complete offering of all building security and surveillance solutions. We pride ourselves on the ability to integrate all these systems together, meaning you have one platform to manage all building security needs. Access control, cameras, Intrusion alarms, Intercoms, and video surveillance monitoring. With years of industry experience in a wide range of manufactures and product lines, we’re confident in our expertise to help you put these systems maintenance at ease.

We understand the cost of these systems can sometimes outweigh the benefits. Working within a budget is as standard in everyday life – if a customer is under budget limitations, Total Integration is confident we can provide solutions that are budget friendly and reach the security goals of our customers.



We believe in a Results Driven Engineering approach to our camera system design, installation, and implementation. We understand the end user goal for said application and work backwards to ensure customers get exactly what they ask for.

End User Focus: Our emphasis when turning over systems is usability for the end user, not the integrator. And if support is required, we do it remotely – saving customers the costly service calls charges.

If your surveillance needs are more complex than an archived footage approach, Total Integration can contribute a more specialty approach to surveillance:

  • Advanced Video Analytics
  • NDAA Compliance Solutions
  • Thermal Imaging
  • PTZ Integration and Control
  • Elevator Surveillance

Access control

Access control systems are vital to building security and building owners/tenants piece of mind. They’re relied upon to make sure your home feels safe and secure. With our High Security Engineering – utilizing different encryption methods and assigned Bluetooth credentials – our access control systems posses that extra layer of security.

We place high importance on training and technician education, our technicians are all factory trained from our manufacturer partners.

These specialty access control applications are also avaliable upon request:

  • Elevator restriction
  • Parking access solutions
  • Wireless (access control and locksets)
  • Door hardware and automatic openers
  • Biometrics

In the event your database has become beyond manageable – reach out to us and we’ll conduct a Database Audit and simplify your building credentials


A consistently working intercom system is vital for any multi-use residential application. Without a reliable intercom system in place it will contribute to tenant dissatisfaction and in the worst case impact your building’s security.

Intercom solutions avaliable range from most cutting edge to conventional applications:

  • Video Intercom Solutions
  • Remote Intercoms
  • Conventional Telephone Entry
  • NSL (non-subscriber lines)
  • Old buzzer systems (even repair and install new)
  • Total Integration Security Technicians are all Butterfly MX Certified Installers

Troubleshooting Prowess

With the many different manufactures, integrated systems, software, and firmware versions that compromise this industry it has become essential to hold many years of experience to effectively diagnose and resolve multi-faceted issues. Trust in Total Integration, no matter the age or system you have, to guide you through the complex landscape of repair, replacement, design, or installation for your security or life safety systems.

Not a proprietary company, have the ability and flexibility with product line for all budgets

We understand that not every client will have the same expectations and security requirements as the next. That’s why we don’t tie ourselves to one product line. This allows us the ability to price our clients requests fairly, and within the budget they are working with to meet their needs. As well, allows us to quickly pivot to the best emerging technologies as they become available.

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